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Student fare and Web / Published fare Terms & Conditions

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GenerationFly is a microsite of Lufthansa.com. Lufthansa’s conditions of carriage apply. By registering on the GenerationFly website, you are consenting to the terms of the privacy statement contained on Lufthansa.com, which can be accessed at www.GenerationFly.com/pages/privacy-statement

Tax & Fee information:
Fares are subject to change without notice and are based on the most direct routing to each destination. Additional transfers will increase the fare. Fares include applicable taxes, fees, carrier and airport charges, including the September 11th Security Fee of a maximum of $10 per round-trip. Additional baggage fees may apply. Seats are limited and may not be available on all days/flights. Tickets are non-refundable, non-endorsable, non-transferable and other restrictions may apply.

Baggage & other fees

Student Fares must be booked via this site. For questions pertaining to these Terms and Conditions, changes in reservations, reissues or refunds, please call 1-800-645-3880 or text telephone for hearing impaired (TTY) 1-866-846-4283. For questions pertaining to user registration, login and passwords please e-mail us at genflytech@dlh.de.

In order to offer you the lowest possible fares, we will display all Lufthansa fares available. This may include non-student special fares and "Published Fares." These fares carry different terms and conditions than the "Student Fares," which are more flexible. See full Terms and Conditions below before booking your trip. When booking, you'll need to use the email address ending in either .edu or .K12.**.US (where ** = the state where your school is located). This email address is the same as the one that you registered with. Keep in mind that you'll also need to present a valid student or youth I.D. upon check-in.

Student Fare Terms and Conditions:
  • Travel must originate in the USA.
  • Passengers must be full-time students enrolled in an educational institution in the USA, and must have valid identification as noted below.
  • Maximum age eligibility for students is 34 years of age, up until the date of the 35th birthday.
  • Maximum age eligibility for youth passengers is 25 years of age, up until the date of the 26th birthday.
  • Failure to produce proof of student status upon request at any airport check-in counter or gate may result in additional collection up to cost of the full published fare.
  • Acceptable forms of ID:
    • Student passengers: a) Valid educational institution-issued student identification card or b) Valid ISIC card provided the passenger is enrolled in a college / university in the USA
    • Youth passengers: Valid IYIC (Go 25) card.
  • Minimum stay: Saturday night stay required. Minimum stay may not be waived for any reason.
  • Maximum stay: 12 months or within the booking engine system range, whichever comes first.
  • Cancellation Policy: Before departure: a charge of $300 per change applies. After departure or No Show: Ticket is completely non-refundable. No show = no refund.
  • Any time prior to departure: Full refund in event of death/hospitalization of passenger or member of passenger's immediate family. (Death/hospitalization certificate required. Refund/reissue only through Lufthansa).
  • Name must appear as per Passport. Name changes are not permitted.
  • Date Change Policy:
    • Prior to Eastbound Departure: Subject to availability in the original booking class, if change is made on/before 21 days prior to departure: One free change and any additional at $50 each change. If made within 21 days prior to departure: Each change $250.
    • Prior to Westbound Departure: Subject to availability in the original booking class, if change is made on/before 21 days prior to departure: One free change and any additional at $50 each change. If made within 21 days prior to departure: Each change $250.
    • In addition to the above mention change fees, weekend surcharges or the applicable season fare will be charged.
  • Rerouting Policy: Before and after departure, voluntary rerouting is not permitted. Involuntary rerouting permitted only via Air Canada/Austrian Airlines/Brussels Airlines/Lufthansa/Swiss/United.
  • Student fares are clearly identified as "Economy Student" in the screen following the fare matrix page once a fare is selected.

  • To rebook flights online please click on this link rebook then enter the record locator for your reservation and follow the prompts

  • Web / Published Fare Terms and Conditions:
    If you have terms and conditions questions, to change your itinerary, reissue or refund these fares please call 1-1-800-645-3880 or text telephone for hearing impaired (TTY) 1-866-846-4283.

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Specific Permissions Granted to GenerationFly.com:
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By legally granting such IP License, I verify that I have read and agree to the Terms and Conditions.

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