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Be flexible with your travel dates! Having the option of leaving or returning a day or two earlier increases your chances of getting our guaranteed lowest student fare.

Try to avoid peak travel times! Holidays like Thanksgiving and Christmas are known for being the busiest and most expensive travel periods. However, it may be possible to get our lowest student fare if you decide to travel on the holiday itself.

Book at least two weeks ahead! Plan early and don’t procrastinate. The longer you wait the least likely chance you have in finding our best offer.

Look for mid-week flights! People tend to fly more on the week-ends then mid-week, creating less of a chance in obtaining our lowest fare. You will probably have a better selection of flights and getting our lowest student fares if you book your itinerary mid-week. Besides, you’ll pay more for weekend flights.

Have a look at a neighboring airport! For example: Flying from Newark, NJ instead of New York’s JFK airport may increase your chance in getting our lowest student fares.

Save money by getting a Star Alliance Airpass! If you are interested in traveling throughout Europe, have a look at the Star Alliance Airpass in our Travel Add-on’s section. Combining the Airpass with your transatlantic journey can save you up to $600 instead of booking all flight separately.

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