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Students currently enrolled in a U.S. college or university as well as youth passengers 12 to 25 years of age with a valid “.edu” or K12.[State].US email address which is required to register and access our site as well as book our fares. Travelers will also have to present a valid college / university-issued ID or a Valid ISIC card provided the passenger is enrolled in a College University in the USA or youth passengers - a valid IYIC (Go 25) card at check-in. We do realize that K12.[State].US email address are not always assigned to High School students but are generally assigned to teachers. The ".EDU" and ".K12" e-mail addresses are used by our system to facilitate self-service and just for registration purposes; once registered the user can enter his/her own private e-mail address. Therefore, it may be practical to "borrow" the e-mail address from one of your teachers, use that to register and ensure that the confirmation e-mail which will be sent to that teacher's e-mail address is given back to you by the teacher. If that is not feasible, then please e-mail us at genflytech@dlh.de.

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