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From Miami $344*

Paris, France

Paris is famous for capturing hearts with its sights, sounds, and smells; it’s impossible to ever forget. Each arrondissement provides a new delight, from the Lourve in the geographical centre to irresistible sites such as the Notre-Dame Cathedral, the stunning Jardin du Luxembourg, the Eiffel Tower, Musée d’Orsay, Champs-Élysée, and the Galeries Lafayette. Dine on the finest French cuisine, or simply pick up a hunk of cheese and a baguette as you soak it all in. Je t’amie, Paris, indeed.

Depart by: January 15, 2019 through June 15, 2019
Purchase ticket by: March 28, 2019
Advance purchase date: 7 days
*Round-trip including all taxes and carrier imposed fees. Baggage & other fees may apply

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