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We fly students to the best places in Europe, to visit the Big Ben in London the Eiffel Tower in Paris and the Octoberfest in Munich. On this page, you find key facts and little secrets about the most popular cities for student travel in Germany and Europe. Did you know that the Octoberfest actually begins in September? This is because of a romantic royal bavarian marriage and the merciless climate change. Read more and explore the best places in Europe before you visit them yourself...

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From Houston $657*

Athens, Greece

Explore the history of western civilization.

Athens is known as the birthplace of Western civilization; what monument to the classical world could be more iconic than the Acropolis? To this day,... Read more

From Los Angeles $343*

Barcelona, Spain

A beach town and a cultural capital

No one would dream of calling Barcelona a beach town, but beaches never hurt! The Mediterranean Sea makes a beautiful backdrop to a charming city... Read more

From Miami $1,283*

Berlin, Germany

Germany's cheery capital

Berlin has long held a reputation as one of Europe's most exciting hubs for art and culture—and for good reason! Home to more than 50 theaters and... Read more

From Miami $744*

Budapest, Hungary

The Bohemian capital of Hungary

Sitting regally on the banks of the Danube, Budapest is often referred to as the Paris of the East – a distinction earned by the city’s historic... Read more

From Boston $1,135*

Cairo, Egypt

The great city on the Nile

In the largest city on the African continent, you will never run out of things to explore. Visit Cairo to experience the buzz of the Arab world's... Read more

From Houston $982*

Delhi, India

New and old mingle in India’s capital

The streets of Delhi are the very definition of “bustling” – all movement, bright color, and lively crowds. The city is home to ancient... Read more

From Chicago $670*

Florence, Italy

A renaissance city for renaissance travelers

It’s no surprise that the city known as the birthplace of the Renaissance remains a touchstone for culture in Europe. This capital city of Tuscany... Read more

From Los Angeles $707*

Frankfurt, Germany

A modern take on Germany

Frankfurt is not only the hub of Lufthansa’s route network: it’s one of Europe’s busiest hubs for air, rail, and highway traffic. All this... Read more

From Dallas $736*

Hamburg, Germany

A jewel on the river in Germany

Hamburg’s history flows through its harbors and canals. One of Europe’s most important port cities since the 13th century, Hamburg is home to... Read more

From Miami $740*

Istanbul, Turkey

East meets West in Istanbul

Whether you know it as Istanbul or Constantinople, this city on the banks of the Bosphorus is a fascinating monument to the diverse cultures that... Read more

From New York $447*

Lisbon, Portugal

Take it all in: Lisbon

Portugal’s capital city shines in the Mediterranean sun, where charming waterfront cafes, yellow trams, and bleached limestone structures create a... Read more

From SEA $473*

London, England

History and Contemporary Culture in London

One of the world’s most exciting mega-cities, London is jam-packed with iconic sights and sounds. Take a stroll around the Tower of London and... Read more

From Los Angeles $364*

Madrid, Spain

Spain’s vibrant cultural capital

Madrid is a lively city! A cosmopolitan hub in every sense of the word, it is filled with stunning historic and artistic landmarks to visit during... Read more

From Los Angeles $544*

Milan, Italy

Something for everyone in Milan

Creativity is a way of life in Milan, and lovers of fashion, decor, and furniture will find themselves right at home. You can choose to split your... Read more

From New York $678*

Munich, Germany

The best of the past and the present in Germany

Munich, the third largest city in Germany, is a hot bed of art, sports, and architecture. Whether cheering on Bayern-Munich at the world class... Read more

From Miami $344*

Paris, France

Romance and surprise in Paris

Paris is famous for capturing hearts with its sights, sounds, and smells; it’s impossible to ever forget. Each arrondissement provides a new... Read more

From Dallas $1,169*

Prague, Czech Republic

Beautiful, historic Prague

Prague is storybook beautiful, a city of inspiring architectural history and breathtaking monuments. A tour of the UNESCO-listed historic center... Read more

From SFO $387*

Rome, Italy

Art and invention through the ages

Falling in love with Rome is an immense pleasure. You will have no difficulty being swept up in the mystical history of the Italian capital, and even... Read more

From Chicago $1,081*

Tel Aviv, Israel

Hot-spot on the Mediterranean

Tel Aviv is the definition of a true up-and-coming city, the Mediterranean capital of cool. Days can be spent exploring the multitude of modern art... Read more

From San Jose $1,089*

Venice, Italy

Picturesque city on the water

Once called ‘the most beautiful city built by man,’ Venice has no trouble living up to the claim. An engineering and architectural marvel, its... Read more

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